The Scottoiler chain lube systems, for which Scottoiler is now widely know, clean and lubricate the chain.  The solution was originally designed for motorcycle chains, but we also do a similar product for bicycles too. With motorcycle chains a coating of oil or grease protects the chain from wear and corrosion. However, road dirt tends to adhere to the oil and this combination of dirt and oil forms a grinding paste that increases friction and accelerates chain wear. To prevent this from happening it is necessary to clean the chain often.

This used to require the chain to be removed from the sprockets and immersed in a bath of solvent which was a tedious and messy chore, often leading to staining of the cleaners’ hands and clothing. Fraser wanted his invention to prevent this by significantly reducing chain wear.  The Scottoiler not only does this but it also improves performance along with other benefits such as improved fuel economy.  Fraser Scott’s invention has since changed people’s perceptions of what can be expected from the life of a chain and sprockets.

Scottoiler V System

Scottoiler V System

The Scottoiler V System is a vacuum operated automatic chain oiler, which automatically lubes your chain while you ride.

  • Increases motorcycle chain & sprockets life by up to 7 times.
  • Improves performance and fuel consumption.
  • Saves you time, money and hassle.
  • Suitable for most motorcycles including those fitted with CARB EVAP systems.
Scottoiler E System

Scottoiler E System

The Scottoiler E System is an electronically pumped chain oiler, which is designed to remove the messy and time consuming task of lubricating your chain whilst offering increased chain life and improved performance.

  • Increases the life of your motorcycle chain & sprockets by up to 7 times.
  • Improves performance and fuel consumption.
  • Reduces chain maintenance.
  • Saves money on replacement chains & sprockets.
Scottoiler FS 365

Scottoiler FS 365

Protect your bike from corrosion with Scottoiler FS 365 Corrosion Protector Spray.  Simply spray it all over your bike for year round protection

FS 365 is a water based corrosion inhibitor, the idea is that you spray it on and the water content carries it into all the hard to reach places of the bike, we’re talking every tiny little gap. The water content then evaporates leaving a film of protection on all surfaces.

The Science bit – how it works:

Scottoiler FS 365 works in a number of ways to reduce corrosion.

Pure water on its own will not cause corrosion, however as soon as it comes into contact with the atmosphere it absorbs acidic gases such as carbon dioxide that do.  This is where FS 365 comes in.  FS 365 is formulated using mild alkalis and chemical compounds known as pH buffers that work to balance out the acidic elements..

The process of rusting and oxidising requires water vapour, air and time (salt and heat speed up this process as catalysts to the reaction).  FS 365 acts as a corrosion inhibitor in two further ways:

In general by supplying a lubricant to all metal surfaces which builds up as you re-apply, protecting them from the air.

When it comes into contact with salt it reduces its catalytic effect on the corrosion process.

FS 365 is a blend of mineral oil, surfactant, anti – corrosion additives and water, which forms a stable micro solution. This forms an effective protective layer against corrosion, clinging to all surfaces and building up over time with each re-application. FS 365 is also environmentally friendly as it is water soluble and inherently biodegradable, which further helps when it comes to cleaning as any dirt which sticks to the FS 365 layer is easily washed away.

So, in essence, FS 365 works as a barrier protector as well as disrupting the chemical processes involved in corrosion.  With continued re-application it makes cleaning the bike easier and builds up layers of protection.



The CrampBuster is the original motorcycle cruise control with thousands of customers worldwide enjoying the ease of use of this simple tool.

  • Benefits of Using a CrampBuster
  • Full throttle control with a relaxed hand
  • Reduces hand fatigue and cramping
  • Comfortably fits your hand
  • Easier throttle operation
  • Eliminates throttle “creep”
  • Doesn’t lock the throttle on

More control over cruise control, especially in town, winding roads, or cruising with your buddies.

It’s guaranteed – if it breaks we’ll replace it.

Crampbuster is the original patented design, not a copy or an imitation. When you buy a Crampbuster you are supporting the person who invented it!

There are no moving parts or tools required. It works on the principle of an oil filter wrench. Simply”stretch” it open and snap it on the outside of your grip. It will rotate clockwise (upward for adjustment) but when turned “counter clockwise” (downward) by the weight of your palm it “pinches” and the throttle is pulled open.

To Go Faster, simply lift it a little (causing it to rotate up clockwise) then rest your palm back on it.

To Go Slower, simply spin it up clockwise completely around until it comes up into a position “a little lower” than before.

Other Scottoiler Products

Other Scottoiler Products

Should you want any other Scottoiler products, please get in touch.