Performance Friction isn’t just a product, it’s a mentality.

Our passion is in our product. We strive to deliver innovative products to the market that outperform the competitors’ and all preceding products. At Performance Friction we do not strive to meet industry standards, but to surpass them. We strive to continually drive the industry through improvement and innovation.

We have built the company with people who believe in, relate to, and adopt this philosophy. A philosophy that we believe our customers share. And we respect our customers, because they don’t just adopt our company philosophy, they live it. We are all too familiar with their character, their values, their objectives, because they are ones without compromise.

Performance Pads from PFC

Performance Pads from PFC

07 Compound

07 has increased initial bite over 05 compound and a progressive torque rise with temperature.  07 hails as the leader of maximum pad braking performance.

NOTE:  All 05 compound pad shapes will supersede to 07 as stocks are depleted.

01 Compound

MOTORSPORT – Wide Variety of Applications
01 has high initial bite and torque, with very little torque rise with temperature.  At the end of the stop, 01 compound has less torque scatter for improved modulation with excellent release.

95 Compound

POWERSPORT – Progressive Feel
Champions such as Troy Bayliss, Steve Hislop, Shane Byrne and John Reynolds choose 95 compound for its excellent release and moderate initial bite, which yields a more progressive feel.  Excellent controllability with a slight torque rise for a more balanced suspension at high corner entry speeds.  Virtually fade free with excellent wear rate.

Other Performance Friction Products

Other Performance Friction Products

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